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In-depth Guide on how to start your adventure in Hypixel Skyblock and earn your first money


Starting your adventure in Hypixel SkyBlock can be quite tricky if you don't know what to expect. Even seasoned Minecraft players struggle to get enough traction to progress through the game in an efficient way. This is why we have decided to create a Beginner's guide that will help new players find their way in this amazing game mode.

Without further ado, we present you ourBeginner'sGuide to Hypixel SkyBlock.

Hypixel SkyBlock Glossary

Hypixel SkyBlock adds a lot of new mechanics and thus can be a bit confusing if you are a brand-newplayer. With this little glossary, you will quickly learn about Hypixel SkyBlock's basics. This information willnot replace the first-hand experience, by any means, but knowing what to expect will help you avoid many newbie mistakes.

  • Hypixel SkyBlock -An interesting twist on the original "Skyblock" game mode, created by the Hypixel network. In the most basic terms, it is an MMORPG created in Minecraft. It adds a multitude of mechanics known from roleplaying games and plays in an online environment where players can freely interact and compete with each other (there are various challenges in which players can compete against each other for rewards). Moreover, it features a player-driven economy, a "Private Island" system that gives it a sandbox feel (as players can create whatever they want on their Private Islands), and a plethora of RPG-like features (including Quests and Dungeons). All of this results in a very successful mix of multiple game genres; Hypixel SkyBlock is a sandbox-survival-roleplaying-PvP/PvE-massively multiplier game, made in Minecraft.
  • Private Island -The place where your Skyblock adventure begins. While on your Private Island, you can freely break and place blocks which allows you to customize it to your needs and/or fantasies (most players pick needs, and they mostly need Coins, so Private Islands tend to turn into farms...).The default size of Private Island is 160x160 blocks, but it can be increased to 241x241 via the "Account and Profile Upgrades".
  • Skills -These reflect how adept your character is at performing certain tasks. These tasks areAlchemy, Carpentry, Combat, Enchanting, Farming, Fishing, Foraging, Mining, Taming, Dungeoneering, Social, and Runecrafting (Carpentry, Runecrafting, and Social are purely cosmetic and don't provide any "real" advantages). As you perform tasks that correspond with the given skill, yougain skill-specific experience - gaining enough explevels the skill up.In most cases, each level up gives a 4% bonus to a skill-specific activity (for example,each level of Farming gives you a 4% chance to get bonus crops while harvesting; while maxed-out, Farming gives you 100% double drop chance, 100% triple drop chance, and 40% quadruple drop chance). Most of the skills have a universal experience table, so you can easily track your actual progression to the max, which is 50 for most non-cosmetic skills and 60 for Farming, Mining, and Enchanting. If a skill goes up to 50, being at 41 means you are halfway there (~27,8kk exp out of ~55,2kk total exp needed); if it goes up to 60, the halfway point, exp-wise, is at 50 (~55,2kk out of ~111,7kk total exp needed). As you've probably noticed, leveling up your skills will take some time but will definitely be worth your while.
  • Jacob's Farming Contests -These are farming events that take place every three Skyblock Days and last for 20 minutes. During the events, three random crops from the Farming Collection are selected; players who manage to increase their collection the most, each event, earn Jacob's Tickets and other unique rewards.The entry-level for these contests is rather low - all you need is a farm with the appropriate crop and Farming Skill of X. If you want to win, however, you will need to prepare as the competition is very steep (and is becoming even steeper with each passing day - people are gearing and skilling up). There are three reward tiers for these - Bronze Medal (top 60% of all contestants), Silver Medal (top 25% of all contestants), and Gold Medal (top 5% of all contestants). Because of thereward system, these contests are a great opportunity to turn your character into an ultimate farmer.
  • Fishing -An in-game activity that allows you to fish up various Sea Creatures and level up your Fishing Skill.Increasing your Fishing Skill will give you some Health, an increased chance for fishing up treasure, the ability to equip stronger fishing rods, the possibility of fishing up tougher Sea Creatures, and some Coins. There are ThreeFairy Souls (with them, you can receive permanent stat boosts) that can only be obtained through Fishing, which makes it worth mentioning here.
  • Coins -The main circulating medium of Hypixel SkyBlock, used for buying and gained for selling all kinds of items. IMPORTANT:each time you die in Hypixel SkyBlock, you lose half of the Coins you have on your character (the message detailing how much you lost will be displayed under the death message in the chat); to prevent the loss, you can store your hard-earned money in the Bank or invest in an Accessory called Piggy Bank. Knowing how to make a decent number of Coins is paramount for your character's progression - we will go over the moneymaking basics in a further section of this guide.
  • Bank -The bank is one of the buildings you can access in the Hub World; By talking to the Banker NPC who resides within, you can interact with your Bank Account. The bank serves three main purposes: 1. It is a Coin Storage that prevents you from losing your money on death; 2. Stored Coins will generate Interest so you will actually make some money by keeping your Coins safe in the bank; 3. The Bank's Vault feature allows you tostore up to 27 Items (the vault can be unlocked by paying 10k Coins).
  • Minions -Passive resource generators that remain active even while you are offline and stop gathering resources only when their inventory is full.Each Minion is specialized in generating a single resource and requires a 5x5 area (can be increased to 7x7 with the Minion Expander) to operate.The Minion'sefficiency canbe increased by giving it special gear (via the Minion UIpanel) and upgrading it up to tier XI. At the start, you will have access to 5 Minion Slots; you can gain more slots by crafting unique minions and buying special upgrades at the Community Shop. For early game Coin making, we advise you to focus on Clay Minions (they are cheap to make and upgrade and generate a rather good profit).
  • Auction House -As the name suggests, the Auction House is a place where players can sellvarious items or make bids on the items, other people have posted, by using their Coins. The AHbuilding is located to the west of the Hub Portal, very close to the Village spawn point. Because of its nature (the bid feature), the Auction House is used for trading expensivestuff in small quantities - this is where you will be buying most of your gear.
  • Bazaar -A feature thatallows players to trade items with each other for fixed prices (unlike the Auction House, the Bazaar does not have the bid option which means that prices set by buyers and sellers are always final). Unlike the AH, Bazaar is used for trading large quantities of raw materials and resources. Because of trade restrictions imposed on goods offered by NPCs, the only way of purchasing various items inbulk is through the Bazaar.These trade restrictions also create a price difference between goods offered by NPCs and the same goods available on the Bazaar - you can make some Coins by exploiting this fact (there are profit tables, updated in real-time, available online). The NPC who allows you to access it resides at theBazaar Alley, close to the Auction House.
  • Dungeons -Randomly generated instances that consist of 8 floors, including the Entrance whichserves as the dungeon's tutorial. While inside of a Dungeon, players can assume one of 5 different roles - Tank, Healer, Mage, Archer, or Berserk (these roles reassemble classes known from many RPGs).Dungeons feature a linear progression system - to access the next floor, players have to successfully complete the previous one (completing the Entrance gives access to the 1st Floor, completing the 1st Floor unlocks the 2nd Floor, and so on). Inside of a Dungeon, players will have to fight various hostile creatures (their type will be based on the given Dungeon). Each of the creatures has some unique properties, including creature-specific drop tables that sometimes feature valuable items, like Dungeon Weapons and Dungeon Armors (power of these items scales with the player's Dungeoneering Skill). Creatures are not the only challenge that awaits players inside dungeons; there are also puzzles and bosses that are much more powerful than regular enemies and have unique mechanics. Lucky adventurers might even stumble upon friendly NPCs that will offer various goods in exchange for Coins. All Dungeon floors require a group of at least 4-5 players up to Floor 3 and at least 2 people beyond that.The first Dungeon released in SkyBlock is Catacombs with the entrance located near the Coal Mine.
  • Classes -These are roles players can assume while in a Dungeon. Each class has its own set of strengths and benefits (both passive and active) that allow it to fulfill its pre-determined role much better than any other class wouldbe able to- Healer keeps players alive and supports them, Tank keeps the enemy's attention away from other group members and soaks damage, Archer is a ranged physical damage dealer, Berserk is a melee damage dealer that focuses on single-target DPS, Mage specializes in casting AoE abilities. There is no limit for the number of players who have chosen the same Class in a group, but if there is only one player who has chosen a given class, they get x2 modifier to their class's abilities.
  • Gear -We all know what "gear" is - basically, it's everything your character can wear to become stronger or better at something. Vanilla Minecraft had quite a lot of it, but its gear progression was linear; Armors, Weapons, and Tools that had better stats when they were made from better materials. In Hypixel SkyBlock, it is not that simple - the game adds tons of new, often extremely powerful or heavily specialized, equipment players can use during their adventures.Depending on the loadout, a player can become an ultimate farmer or warrior, moreover, many gear pieces have powerful abilities that change the game completely (a Grappling Hook comes to mind, as an example, immediately). We will go over the best beginner armors, weapons, and accessories a bit later in the guide.
  • Attributes/Stats -These are values that determine how players/mobs fare in different situations or how well they perform certain actions (like attacking, defending, or simply moving). Stats can be modified by gear and consumables (in these cases, the changes are not permanent - they last for as long gear is equipped or the consumable active) or by exchanging Fairy Souls with Tia the Fairy (in this case, stat increases are permanent and they affect Speed, Strength, Defense, and Health). Most of the stats present in Hypixel SkyBlock are rather self-explanatory and you willknow what exactly they affect, immediately after looking at the stats' name - knowing how exactly they affect things is another story, however. Here are the basics:
    • Health and Defense do the same thing - they keep you alive (but in a different way). If you want to know how much damage you can actually take, use the following formula: Effective Health = Health× (Defense/100 +1); By using this simple formula, you can easily compare the defensive capabilities of different armors.
    • Your Mana Pool is equal to 100 + your Intelligence and your Mana Regen per second is equal to your Mana Pool divided by 50.
    • Fortune Stats (Mining Fortune, Farming Fortune, and Foraging Fortune) give you a 1% chance of getting x2 drop per 1 point. Every point above 100 gives a 1% chance of a 3x drop, and every point above 200 gives a 1% chance of a 4x drop.
    • Ferocity works similarly to Fortune Stats; 1 point of Ferocity gives a 1% chance to get a double hit if below 100, and every point above 100 gives a 1% chance of a triple hit.
  • Fairy Souls -Brightly-textured small blocks hidden all over the in-game world. If something was hidden, it must be worth finding right? Yes - they are sought after by players as giving them, in bulks of 5, to NPC Tia the Fairy permanently increases Speed, Strength, Health, and Defense; the stat increase becomes more powerful with every subsequent turn in.Every Fairy Soul is unique and can be picked up just once and there are about 220 of them scattered around: Three of them are available only through Fishing, nine are hidden inside of the Catacombs Dungeon, and the rest can be found somewhere in theWorld (sometimes in places unreachable by conventional means - prepare your Grappling Hook). Wearing a Fairy Armor, that alerts you when there's a Fairy Soul nearby, is a great idea when searching for these. If you want to collect all of them in a timely manner, we recommend you follow one of the available video guides.
  • Pets -Companions that give various beneficial effects to their owners - they can increase the player's stats and/or provide strong passive effects. Only one Pet can be summoned at a time and only the summoned Pet's effects remain active. They can be obtained in various ways - some are craftable, others are available through the Dark Auction (an event during which players can bid on various rare and interesting items), and some are only obtainable as rare drops from powerful Monsters (Magic Find stat affects Pets' drop chance). Depending on the provided stats and effects, Pets belong to one of seven types - Alchemy, Enchanting, Farming, Foraging, Fishing, Mining, and Combat. To level up the Pet, you must perform the activity that corresponds with its Type.
  • Collections -A progression systemof sorts, that rewards you for collecting a certain item. These are the main way of unlocking Crafting Recipes and item trades, and sometimes give quite good rewards, including Experience and Coins.As you collect more pieces of a certain item, you will gradually progress in its Collection and unlock more reward levels (IMPORTANT: Only items you collect by yourself count - stuff purchased from other players in any way does not affect the Collection progress). There are about 60 "standard" Collections and 7 "boss" Collections that can only be progressed by defeating the corresponding Bosses in Dungeons. Thresholds for unlocking each Collection level rise exponentially - Tier I usually requires from ~25 to 250 items, Tier V requires 10-25 times more than that (from around 1000 to 5000), and Tier VIII and IX requireabout 10x more than The Tier V (from ~10000 to over ~100000). This means that completing a Collection is a long-time venture that requires some dedication. The unlocks are worth it, though.
  • Achievements -In-game goals players can accomplish to unlock cosmetic features and other rewards. These goals are usuallyrelated to specific in-game activities, like rising skills, finding dungeon secrets, unlocking collections, and so on.Some of the Achievements have different Tiers that are unlocked similarity to the Collections - by achieving gradually-increasing goals, like achieving Skill levels. Others are of the challenge type - they can be achieved only once; these are earned by defeating Bosses, using rare items, performing activities for the first time, or doing things in a certain way. Each Achievement gives you a pre-determined number of Points. Thanks to this feature, players have another good incentive to play and progress through the game -completing Achievements gives prestige among other players (by comparing/bragging aboutAchievement Points) and provides dedicated gamers with a statistic that "shows their dedication".
  • Quests -Various tasks, usually givenby NPCs, that encourage players to discover the game's mechanics, explore the world, and face difficult challenges. In return for their services, players are usually rewarded with experience, Coins, and/or items.This is the staple game mechanic of any RPG and having it in Hypixel Skyblock certainly adds a lot of depth and allows new players to learn the game by simply interacting with it. Completing the beginner's quests is a good way of obtaining some decent starting gear and getting familiar withimportant mechanics. The Quest Log, available through the SkyBlock menu, will keep track of the player'sactive and completed quests, and of the quest progression made.
  • Enchantments -Magic formulas that allow players to permanently improve their gear by augmenting its stats and adding new modifiers and powerful buffs. This is a vanilla mechanic that was greatly expanded upon in Hypoxel SkyBlock.Unlike in vanilla, Hypixel SkyBlock allows players to freelyadd and remove Enchantments to/from gear via the Enchantment Table (as long as they meet all the requirements).Improving gear with Enchantments increases player's Enchanting Skills, which is important to remember as certain (usually more powerful) enchantmentscan onlybe used if the player meets the enchanting skill level requirement for them. The game features dozens of Enchantments for Swords, Bows, Armor, Tools, and even Fishing Rods; most of them can be upgraded up to Tier V, or even VI in some cases (Tier VI enchantments are usually obtained by special means and are very rare and extremely expensive). There are also the so-called "Ultimate Enchantments" that add unique effects to gear - only one of these can be added to each item.
  • Reforging -A game mechanic that allows players to improve their gear (Accessories, Tools, Armors, and Weapons)by adding further stats to it; the effect of Reforging is similar to that of Enchanting. Any given item can only have one Reforge added to it. Theamount of stats added depends on the item's rarity which makes it worthwhile for all types of equipment (it does not get irrelevant in the late game, while used on high-end gear). Item Reforging is done at the Blacksmith NPC, via the appropriate menu; the Reforge's cost scales with the item's rarity (Common - 250 Coins, Uncommon - 500 Coins, Rare - 1000 Coins, Epic - 2500 Coins, Legendary - 5000 Coins, Mythic - 10000 Coins, Special - 25000 Coins, very Special - 50000 Coins). Reforge effects are random and are only shown to the player after the process is complete - this means that getting the wanted Reforge can be quite costly at times. Upgrading Armor and Weapons will not delete the Reforge- keep this in mind and always apply the Reforge first to save money, but upgrading an Accessory WILL delete the Reforge(exceptions from this rule are Beastmaster Crest, Personal Compactor, Campfire Badge, and Ring of Love).
  • NPCs (Non-Player Characters) -Neutral, computer-operated, characters scattered around the in-game World. Through them, thedevelopers will often try to immerse the players into the game. All Non-Player Characters serve a purpose (often more than one); some of them are shop-keepers that offer various types of goods, some will be willing to send you on an adventure (the so-called quest givers), and some others will allow you to interact with the game's features (like Bazaar, Bank, or Reforging). Talking with NPCs will also help you learn the game; their dialogues will explain various game mechanics to you and/or give you some gameplay tips. Each in-game area has at least one NPC, including your Private Island which is inhabited by Jerry - the first NPC you will encounter (you can interact with him to change your settings, change your island's biome, receive special deliveries, and even get a link to patch notes).

Early Game Progression Step by Step

When you're playing for the first time, chances are you will not developyour character in an efficient way- you simply lack the experience to do it. You learn while you play and that's great, but learning from your mistakes is a slow process. To speed things up a bit and help you start the game off on the right foot, we have prepared a simple step by step guide to the early game progression inHypixel SkyBlock.

  1. You've just logged in to the game. Time tobreak some Wood Blocks and turn them into Planks so that you can build a bridge to the Hub Portal.
    • 4 Wood Blocks should be enough, but if you break 7 you will advance to Foraging Level 2.
    • Next to the Hub Portal, you will find Jerry - NPC who serves as a guide. By interacting with him, you can change your Island's biome and some settings. You can also relocate him (bottom right option in the dialogue window).
    • Next to Jerry, you will see your first Minion - Cobblestone one. It will generate some resources for you, but it's nothing to get excited about.
    • Time to go through the portal and enter the Hub Island.
  1. You have teleported to the Hub Island and now are in the Village. Here, you can interact with various NPCs and familiarize yourself with the game's features.
    • Things of note in the village include the Bank, the Market (the place where Vendor NPCs reside), Library, the Bazaar, and transitions to multiple neighboring areas.
    • Once you're done running around and exploring, you should head to the NPC named Jamie (coordinates -35/70/-36) - from him,you will get your first Weapon - the Rogue Sword.
    • The next thing you should do is head to the Farm, which is located north-east of the Village, and farm some Wheat there (if the place is crowded, try changing lobbies). The goal is to reach Wheat Collection III (250 Wheat) and unlock the Farm Suit (more info about it in the "Beginner Gear section).
      • Tip: You should consider farming Wheat until you get to Farming Level VII as it is required to unlock the Bazaar.
    • Farm Suit requires 216 pieces of Wheat to make. It is crafted from Hay Bales, which you can makeby filling the crafting window with Wheat. To craft the Suit, use standard Minecraft Armor Crafting Patterns.
    • Once you have Armor, you should also buy the Undead Sword from the Weaponsmith NPC (coordinates -9, 68, -140, Village). And a Pickaxe from the Mine Merchant NPC (coordinates -8, 68, -124, Village).
      • Tip: If you don't have Coins for it, sell the Seeds you've gotten when farming Wheat to any vendor. If it's still not enough, time to farm some more.
    • If you have any Coins left, you should consider storing them in the Bank (coordinates -24, 71, -58, Village) before you progress any further. More about the Bank in the moneymaking section.
  1. You have a set of Armor to protect you, a Weapon to defend yourself, and a Pickaxe to break Ore Blocks quickly. It's about time you do some mining, then!
    • Head to the Coal Mine, which is located north of the Village, and farm until you get at least Mining Level 1 (it is required to enter the Gold Mine).
      • One of the Coal Mine's tunnels heads to the Graveyard. There, you can fight some Undead - your Undead Sword is perfect for that.
      • You should Mine at least 80 Pieces of Coal - the amount required to craft a Coal Minion (unlocked by reaching Coal Collection I).
    • Once you're done farming Coal, you should head straight to the Gold Mine, which is located next to the Coal Mine.
      • On the left, just behind the gold mine's entrance, you will find NPC named Rusty - he will enchant your Tools and Weapons with Telekinesis (an Enchantment that puts any loot and broken block straight into your inventory).
      • A bit further, you will see a Lazy Miner NPC - you can do a simple quest for him - it involves finding a lost Pickaxe (coordinates -18, 24, -305, Gold Mine). The Pickaxe is enchanted with Smelting Touch 1, an enchant that smelts any ore you mine with it.
      • You should farm ores in the Gold Mine until you reach at least Mining V, as it is enough to progress to the Deep Caverns area.
        • Tip: We recommend grinding to at least Mining VII as it is needed to unlock the Bazaar.
  1. Time to unlock and start taking advantage of the Bazaar. To do that, you will need to level up Foraging, Mining, and Farming to Level VII.
    • It is possible that you already have Mining and Farming leveled up enough, if not, you should go back to the Farm and the Gold Mine.
    • To level up Foraging quickly, buy a Gold Axe from the Lumber Merchant (coordinates -49, 70, -68, Village), enchant it with Efficiency I in the Library (coordinates -35, 69, -112, Village), and head to the Forest area (coordinates -95, 74, -40).
      • Once you're in the Forest, you should cut down Trees until you reach Foraging VII, simple as that.
    • Once you reach Foraging,Mining, and Farming VII, you can start using Bazaar to make Coins (you can read more about this in the moneymaking section of this guide).
  1. After unlocking the Bazaar, you should work on unlocking new Minion recipes and setting up a Minion Farm on your Private Island. Doing this will save you a lot of time in the long run,as Minions will passively generate resources for you and you won't have to farm as much.
    • Coal Minionis unlocked upon reaching Coal Collection I.
      • If you've followed our previous advice, you already have this one unlocked.
    • IronMinion is unlocked upon reaching Iron Ingot Collection Iand Gold Minion is unlocked upon reaching Gold Ingot Collection I.
      • You most likely have these ones already unlocked as you have spent quite a lot of time in the Gold Mine. If not, farm some more.
    • Lapis Minion is unlocked upon reaching Lapis Collection I.
      • Tip: The best place to farm Lapis is the Lapis Quarry, the second floor of the Deep Caverns(Deep Caverns are located north of the Gold Mine).
    • Emerald Minion is unlocked upon reaching Emerald Collection I.
      • Tip: You can find Emeralds inSlimehill - the fourth floor of the Deep Caverns.
    • Redstone Minion is unlocked upon reaching Emerald Collection I.
      • Tip: You can find Redstone inthe Pigmen's Den - the third floor of the Deep Caverns.
  • Put all the Minions down on your Private Island. Don't forget to check on them from time to time and collect the generated resources. You can also upgrade them if you want - they are usually upgraded with the resources they generate.
    • There are also various Items that make Minions more efficient, these include stuff like Auto Smelters, Compactors, Minion Expanders, Minion Chests, and Diamond Spreading - you should check these out.
  • Minions are very handy for unlocking Collections passively - resources collected from them count towards your Collection progression. Take advantage of this.
  • You can also focus on Minions that generate expensive resources. Clay Minions are great for this purpose. If you want to know how to set up a Clay Minion farm, check out the moneymaking section of this guide.
  1. At this point, You've played for a while and have made some Coins. Time to look for some Gear upgrades and new Tools and Accessories that will helpwith your further progression.
    • You should familiarize yourself with the Auction House, as you will get a lot of stuff from there.
    • You can also consult the Gear section of this guide for some advice on what Beginner's equipment to get early.
If you would like us to expand this section, please let us know in the comments!

Beginner/Early Game Gear

Below, we present some examples of Armor, Weapons, and Accessories that are worth getting in the early game. Equipping yourself with these should make your initial in-game journey considerably easier and much more enjoyable.


Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (2)
Leaflet Armor

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - none
  • Health -100 (C - 35, L - 30, H - 20, B - 15)*
  • Speed - none
  • Wearing a full Set grants:
    • Health Regeneration in Forest zones (5 Health per second)

*C - Chest, L - Legs, H - Helmet, B - Boots

One of the quickest and easiest to make Armor Sets in the game (All you need for the full Set is 24 Oak Leaves - collected by using Shears on Oak Leaves). The recipe for this Armor is unlocked by reaching Oak Wood III Collection which requires you to collect just 250 pieces. It does not provide any defense, but the Health boost and the conditional Health Regen can come in handy when you get yourself into trouble.

This Set is often skipped in favor of something a bit more sturdy, but it's still worth your consideration as there's nothing easier to obtain at the start.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (3)
Farm Suit

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - none
  • Health -100 (C - 40, L - 30, H - 15, B - 15)
  • Speed - none
  • Wearing a full Set grants:
    • +20% Speed in the Mushroom Desert,Farm, and The Barn areas, as well as when in close proximity to Farming Minions
    • A Farmer Aura that increases the re-growth rate of nearby crops (works on the public islands); this effect stacks with the Farmer Orb

This Armor Set is extremely easy to unlock as it only requires you to gather 250 Wheat (Wheat III Collection). You will need 216 pieces of Wheat to craft all 4 parts - you can quickly collect it on the Hub Island or at The Barn. If you have some money and have unlocked the Bazaar already, purchasing the Wheat will cost you ~540 Coins*.

Farm Suit has the Defense of a Diamond Armor and grants two farming-related bonuses on top which makes it a great choice for the early game, especially if you want to do some Farming early.

*Just remember that you will have to Collect 250 pieces of Wheat anyway, as purchasing it does not count towards the Collection progress.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (4)
Pumpkin Armor

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - 40 (C - 14, L - 10, H - 8, B - 8)
  • Health -40 (C - 14, L - 10, H - 8, B - 8)
  • Speed - none
  • Wearing a full Set grants:
    • A Pumpkin Buff that grants +10% Damage Dealt and reduces Damage Taken from all sources by 10%

If you are looking for a very cheap Combat Set, that is easily craftable in the early game, this is it. The Combat-related bonuses it provides might be minor but a better set costs 10000x times more (not even a joke; 24 Pumpkins required for crafting this Set cost ~85 Coins and materials needed for crafting the Monster Hunter Armor cost over 820k Coins).

Pumpkin Armor is unlocked by reaching the Pumpkin II Collection (100 Pumpkins collected - you can find them in the far right corner of The Barn) and requires just 24 Pumpkins to make which makes itas easyto obtain as the Leaflet Armor.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (5)
Lapis Armor

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - 120 (C - 40, L - 35, H - 25, B - 20)
  • Health -60 (Set Bonus)
  • Speed - none
  • Additional Effect - +200% Bonus Exp when mining ores
  • Wearing a full Set grants:
    • A Health Buff that increases the wearer's Max Health by 60

Lapis Armor is the first non-craftable armor on this list - it drops from Lapis Zombies (Level 1, 100 Health, 20 Damage) that inhabit the Lapis Quarry - the second floor of the Deep Caverns which can be accessed from the Gold Mine area. Without any Luck Enchantments, it has a rather low drop rate of 0.5% which makes farming the Lapis Armor a waste of time; we recommend you just head to the Auction House and purchase it there*.

You should get this Set even if you have access to something better as the +200% Mining Experience bonus is just too good to pass up on while grinding mining exp. Thanks to the +60 Health Set bonus, it also has a surprisingly high Effective Health, especially for its price tag.

*A Full Set will cost you around 10k Coins (for a freshly-dropped version without any Enchantments or Reforges). Please note that the pricefluctuates a lot; you can find pieces for vendor prices if you're lucky, if not - it might cost you closer to 30k in total.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (6)
Hardened Diamond Armor

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - 330 (C - 120, L - 95, H - 60, B - 55)
  • Health -none
  • Speed - none
  • Wearing a full Set grants:
    • N/A

This is SkyBlock's variation on the "vanilla Minecraft Armors". All this Set does is increase your Defense, but it does it quite well - 330 total Defense is very high. While its Effective Health is not the highest, you will not get anything better at this price range (it will cost you around 30k Coins to make - the cost of 3840 Diamonds).

If you decide to craft it, prepare for some grinding - It is unlocked by reaching Diamond VII Collection (10000 Diamonds gathered); The easiest way of unlocking the recipe is stacking Diamond Minions on your Private Island and waiting until they dig up enough Diamonds. Because of its popularity, you can also find it on the Auction House, however, purchasing it will generally cost more than crafting it yourself*.

*Because of it being popular and locked behind a rather lengthy grind, especially for a new player.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (7)
Ender Armor

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - 170 (C - 60, L - 50, H - 35, B - 25)
  • Health -95 (C - 30, L - 25, H - 20, B - 15)
  • Speed - none
  • Additional Effect -All Statistics granted by this Armor Set are doubled while in the End Island; this effect works on Reforges, Enchantments, and Hot Potato Books
  • Wearing a full Set grants:
    • N/A

This Armor is a rare drop from Endermen (except Zealots) in the End Island. If you are a new player (and you probably are as you're reading this guide), forget about grinding it yourself - the Auction House is your best friend, purchase it there. The price of this Set is a few levels above the ones mentioned before, especially if you decide to purchase an enchanted one; It costs around ~100k Coins per unupgraded piece*. Good stats for the price make Ender Armor one of the most popular Sets among the new players.

The best thing about this Set is the fact that all its Stats are doubled when you enter the End Island. This means that Reforging it and adding a few Enchants will make you quite powerful while in the zone, without too much of an investment(relatively speaking).

*While it can sound like a lot, it really isn't - you will be able to make enough Coins very quickly if you follow the tips from the "How to Make Money in the Early Game" section of this guide.


Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (8)
Rogue Sword

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -20
  • Strength -none
  • Additional Effect -none
  • Special Ability (Right Click) -Speed Boost:
    • Gives you +20 Speed for 30 seconds and half that amount if used again while already active. It costs 50 Mana

This will, most likely, be your first Sword in Hypixel SkyBlock as you can get it for free from the NPC Jamie (coordinates -35/70/-36). Its Damage is nothing to boast about, but the on-use effect is very handy for the early game. With this Sword, you will be able to move around much quicker than you normally would be able to*. As far as free stuff goes, Rogue Sword is great.

*Rogue Sword's Speed ability is stackable, but all subsequent uses give only +10 speed instead of the initial +20. If you have enough mana, you can become a speed demon by using this Sword.

Important Note: Rogue Sword is a one-time-deal - you get it from Jerry once and you can't obtain it again; it CANNOT be Bought from NPCs, Looted, or Crafted. Don't sell it or you might be forced to get it from another player or to create another profile just to get it back.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (9)
Undead Sword

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -30
  • Strength -none
  • Additional Effect -Deals +100% Damage to Zombie Pigmen, Zombies, Skeletons, and Withers
  • Special Ability -none

Undead Sword is a very cheap (it costs just 100 Coins at the Weaponsmith, coordinates -9, 68, -140, Village) and an extremely handy early game weapon. While its damage is unremarkable, the fact that it gets doubled when fighting Undead makes it ideal for fighting Zombies and other undead in Deep Caverns (which is a very popular early game grinding area). Thanks to its effect, it also benefits a lot from Reforges and Enchantments. An Undead Sword can be upgraded into a Revenant Falchion by combining it with a Crystallized Heart and an Undead Catalyst.

Note: Don't skip on this one; spending 100 Coins for it is one of the best investments you can make early in the game (and 100 Coins is a laughable amount, even for a brand-new player).

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (10)
Hunter Knife

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -50
  • Strength -none
  • Speed -40
  • Additional Effect -none
  • Special Ability -none

Hunter Knife is not the best combat weapon you will get in the early game, but it definitely is one of the most useful. It gives you a considerable Speed increase of +40 and can be used to travel very quickly, especially when combined with the Rogue Sword's active ability. Reducing travel times will make the game more enjoyable and the progression quicker; get this Sword and keep it until you get enough speed-boosting items to make it obsolete.

Unlike most other Weapons, it is not craftable or purchasable. Instead, it is awarded to players for finishing the Woods Race* in less than 1 minute. To achieve it, you will need some Speed-boosting items - a Rogue Sword is enough (but it's quite hard without anything else), but we recommend you to get at least a Level 4 Speed Potion which will enable you to complete it in under 1 minute without breaking a sweat.

*Woods Race takes place in the Spruce Woods, inside of the Park Island. To take part in the race, you must talk to the NPC Gustave (coordinates -385, 89, 55) who will give you the corresponding Quest.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (11)
Tactician's Sword

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -50 Base/200 Maximum (with a maxed out Combat Collections buff - 10/10)
  • Strength -none Base/100 after upgrading to Thick
  • Critical Chance -20%
  • Additional Effect -Each Combat Collection Tier of its user,above VII, grants +15 Damage
  • Special Ability -none

This sword is very cheap for what it does, but its main strength is also its main weakness. Mainly, it gains Damage for every Combat Collection Level you have, above VI (so, every Combat Collection of levels VII and up counts). This means that it becomes stronger as you progress through the Collections but... other, much better, options become available to you as you gain experience (and Coins), making it somewhat obsolete. Still, it is worth using in the early game for its 20% Critical Chance if nothing else.You can also apply a Wood Singularity to it. Doing this will add +100 Strength to its stats, but it's not worth it - Wood Singularity costs ~2.2kk Coins which is 62 times more than Tactician's Sword itself.

Tactician's Sword can be bought from the Master Tactician Funk (coordinates: -462, 110, -15) who resides at Savanna Woodland. It costs only 35k Coins.

Note: If you like the Critical Buff and want to invest in this Weapon, we advise you to look for an already upgraded one on the Auction House - it will be a lot cheaper that way; the prices of maxed-out pieces fluctuate around1kk Coins mark.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (12)
Raider Axe

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -80 Base/ 115 Maximum
  • Strength -50 Base/ 150 Maximum
  • Additional Effect -Raider Axe has three:
    • Defeating Monsters grants you 20 Coins (only works for Monsters of level 10 and above)
    • Every 500 Kills increases the Weapon's Damage by 1 (capped at +35)
    • Each 500 Wood in Collections increases the Weapon's Strength bonus by 1 (Capped at +100)
  • Special Ability -none

Raider Axe becomes available as a vendor purchase once you complete Quests offered by the Melancholic Viking NPC (coordinates: -359, 91, 76, Spruce Woods). Once you complete them, the same NPC will offer you a few items for purchase, Raider Axe being one of them. It costs 130k Coins.

This is a powerful (for its price) and quite interesting Weapon, as it becomes stronger the longer you use it (and by "use" we mean "use for its intended purpose"...). Once maxed out*, Raider Axe has quite impressive stats, but maxing it out will take some time (doing it yourself is not a bad idea, in the early game at least, because yougain 20 Coins for each Kill which adds up surprisingly quickly. It is also considerably cheaper than purchasing one on the AH).

*To max out the Raider Axe's stats, you will have to make 17500 Kills with it (at this point, you would also gain a total of 350k Coins from its Special Effect) and have 50000 Wood (of any type)in your Collections.

Note: Despite its name, this is a Sword which means that all Sword-specific Enchantments can be applied to it.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (13)
Pigman Sword

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -200 Base/ 240 with a Max Lvl Pigman Pet
  • Strength -100 Base/ 125 witha Max Lvl Pigman Pet
  • Intelligence -300
  • Critical Chance - +5%
  • Critical Damage - +30%
  • Additional Effect -none
  • Special Ability -Burning Souls:
    • You gain +300 Defense for 5 seconds and create a Vortex of Flames that travels towards your enemies, dealing up to 30k Damage over 5 seconds (int scaling of 0.1). The ability has 5 seconds Cooldown and costs 400 Mana

Pigman Sword was once one of the best weapons available in the game. Now, it is a medium grade sword that still gets the job done but falls behind the newer competition. While the power-creep made it somewhat obsolete for the end game, it also had a rather welcome effect of making it considerably cheaper to buy from other players.

Its Special Ability, Burning Souls,remains rather useful. However, since the nerf, it has fallen out of favor (it had no cooldown previously which had made it immensely powerful) - which is, ironically, a good thing for a new player as it lowers the average Auction House price even further.

It is unlocked by reaching the Raw Porkchop Collection IX and requires 48 Enchanted Grilled Pork (1228800 Raw Porkchop)* and a Stick to craft. If you want to make the most out of it, you should also invest in the Pigman Pet which buffs the Pigman Sword's statistics by quite a bit (up to 25 additional Strength and 40 additional Damage).

*The current Bazaar price of the raw materials is ~6kk Coins. If you throw another ~2kk on top of that, you will be able to buy a Reforged and Enchanted version from the Auction House.


Note: There are A LOT of accessories in Hypixel SkyBlock. The ones mentioned here are extremely easy to get and very useful for a new player, but they are just the tip of the iceberg; you should seek to eventually obtain and upgrade pretty much every accessory available in the game.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (14)
Farming Talisman

Stats and Special Effects

  • Special Effect -While in Mushroom Desert, Barn, or Farm areas, your speed is increased by +10

This is the easiest-to-get Accessory in the game. It is unlocked upon reaching Wheat Collection IV* and it only requires 5 Hay Bales (45 Wheat) and 4 Seeds to craft.

The speed bonus from this talisman is very handy to have when you are a brand-new player as speed boosts are hard to come by at the start. It will help you to outrun other beginners and get to freshly-spawned stuff, in the Barn and the Farm, quicker.

*You will have to harvest just 500 pieces of Wheat to reach it.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (15)
Speed Talisman

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (16)
Speed Ring

Stats and Special Effects

  • Talisman Special Effect -Grants you +1 Speed, yay
  • Ring: Special Effect -Grants you +3 Speed

Speed Talisman is unlocked at Sugar Cane Collection II* and requires 108 pieces of Sugar Cane to craft. While the buff that it provides seems irrelevant,every little helps. You should definitely get this one as soon as you can.

Once you reach Sugar Cane Collection V**, you unlock the upgrade - Speed Ring, you should craft it immediately as it triples the Talisman's effect. It requires 96 Enchanted Sugar (15468 Sugar Cane) to make; it will cost you ~31k Coins if you decide to purchase the required materials on the Bazaar.

*You will have to harvest just 250 pieces of Sugar Cane to reach it.

**You will have to harvest 2000 pieces of Sugar Cane to reach it.

Note: Sugar Cane can be found in the Mushroom Desert, near the pool of water in the southern part of the area. You will need Farming Level V to enter.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (17)
Zombie Talisman

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (18)
Zombie Ring

Stats and Special Effects

  • Talisman: Special Effect -Reduces Damage taken from Zombies by 5%
  • Ring: Special Effect -Reduces Damage taken from Zombies by 10%

Zombie Talisman Talisman can be bought from the Adventurer NPC (coordinates: -41, 70, -64, Village) for just 500 Coins. It pairs well with the Undead Sword as both of them make you better at fighting Zombies.

Once you reach Zombie SlayerII, you should upgrade it to the Zombie Ring which is twice as powerful. The upgrade requires 64 pieces of Revenant Flesh which can be bought for ~95 Coins (for all 64 of them; they cost ~1.5 Coins each).

Both of these Accessories are very powerful in the early game, and worth getting quickly, as you will mainly fight Zombies at the start.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (19)
Village Affinity Talisman

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (20)
Mine Affinity Talisman

Stats and Special Effects

  • Village Affinity Talisman: Special Effect -Increases your Speed in the Village location by 10
  • Mine Affinity Talisman: Special Effect -Increases your Speed in the Mines by 10 (works in Deep Caverns, Gold Mine, and Coal Mine)

Getting around quickly saves time and time is one of the most precious things you have. With these Accessories, you will reduce your travel times inside the Village and the Mines (and you will spend quite a lot of time running from one place to another there).

Both of these Talismans can be purchased from the Adventurer NPC in the Village(coordinates: -41, 70, -64). They costonly 2500 Coins each, which makes them very affordable - you should purchase both as soon as you earn enough money.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (21)
Vaccine Talisman

Stats and Special Effects

  • Special Effect -Makes you immune to Poison Damage

This Talisman is unlocked at the Potato Collection III*and can be crafted out of 9 Poisonous Potatoes that drop from Zombies (you can easily farm these in the Graveyard area - the Undead Sword will come in handy for this). The drop rate is rather low, so it might take up to ~15 minutes to drop all 9.

*You have to harvest a total of 500 Potatoes to unlock it. The best place to farm Potatoes, in the early game, is the Barn.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (22)
Scavenger Talisman

Stats and Special Effects

  • Special Effect -Forces Monsters to dropCoins upon death

The effect of this Accessory is quite similar to the Raider Axe's, but it works in a bit different way. Mainly, every Monster will drop Coins as long as this Talisman remains in your Accessory Bag, however, the number of Coins dropped is not constant but based on the Monster's level - Monsters will drop 0.5 Coins/level.

Scavenger Talisman can be purchased from theAdventurer NPC (coordinates: -41, 70, -64, Village) for 10000 Coins; Defeating 20k levels worth of Monsters will pay its price back.

Note: Scavenger Talisman's effect stacks with the Scavenger Enchantment, meaning that you can get up to 1.4 Coins/level to drop from Monsters.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (23)
Magnetic Talisman

Stats and Special Effects

  • Special Effect -Triplesyour item pickup range (effects of multiple pieces of this Talisman do not stack)

The Magnetic Talisman is very handy to have as it makes collecting loot much more convenient. It is unlocked after reaching Emerald Collection III*and can be crafted out of 128 Emeralds and 32 pieces of Redstone (purchasing all required materials on the Bazaar will cost you around 700 Coins).

Because of its usefulness and very cheap price, it is one of the most commonly used Accessories in the game. It is worth noting that it was introduced on June 11th,2019, and nerfed just 9 days later (from 5x to 3x range increase) as it could be used for stealing loot from other players.

*You have to harvest a total of 250 Emeralds to unlock it.The best place to farm Emeralds is Slimehill - the fourth floor of the Deep Caverns.

Complete Hypixel SkyBlock Beginner's Guide - Odealo (24)
Talisman of Coins

Stats and Special Effects

  • Special Effect -While you remain on a Public Island, this Talisman will spawn Coins around you

This is a fun accessory that can be unlocked by reaching the Emerald Collection II*and can be crafted out of 20 Emeralds and 5 Gold Ingots.

The amount of spawned Coins is quite minor (1-5) and they can be picked up by anyone, but it's free money, essentially (after the Talisman repays itself). Truth be told, most players don't bother with actually using this one... at least it is cheap and it repays itself quickly, so it's worth getting earlywhile every single Coin counts.

*You have to harvest a total of 100 Emeralds to unlock it.

How to make Money in the Early Game

Hypixel SkyBlock presents a lot of opportunities when it comes to filling up your pockets with money. We have summarized the most popular and the most efficient Coinmaking methods in a separate guide, you can check it out here:

Hypixel SkyBlock Coins Farming and Earning Guide

Here is a brief overview of things you can do to makeCoins and avoid losing them:

  • Keep your Coins safe -Avoiding the death penalty (you lose 50% Coins from your purse on death)is paramount if you want to become rich in this game.
    • Investing in a Piggy Bank is a good idea once you are able to make enough coins to warrant it.
    • You should never head out for a Monster hunt with your pockets full of money - store them in the Bank first.
      • If you keep your savings in the Bank, you will earn interest out of them; it's not a lot, but it can make a difference. For a Starter Account, the maximum interest is equal to 250k Coins (you gain it every 31 hours, and you will need at least 15kk Coins on your account to reach the interest cap for this account type).
  • Flipping the Bazaar and the Auction House can make you tons of money -Take advantage of the player-drivenin-game economy; Buy low and sell high - it sounds simple, right? If you want to learn more about flipping, check out our Hypixel SkyBlock Coin making guide, you can find the link at the start of this chapter.
  • Minions can be a great source of Coins -Once you unlock more Minion slots and invest in the right ones, they will make you considerable amounts of Coins every day (and all you will have to do is pick up and sell the stuff they've generated).
    • Clay Minions are an excellent choice for a new player - they are cheap to make and upgrade, and the resources they generate can be sold directly to a vendor which means that a Clay Minion farm is not dependant on the market prices.
  • Farming is always a good idea -Everybody can make money by farming crops. To make a good profit out of it, however, you will have to do some grinding first.
    • Your profits from farming will greatly depend on your Farming Skill, your Equipment, your Tools, the crop you sow on your farm, and even your farming technique.
    • Familiarize yourself with Jacob's Farming Contests - taking full advantage of them will greatly increase your profits from farming (but the grind will take some time).


Fun should always be the most important - trying to play "perfectly" and always seeking to optimize everything will quickly kill your interest in the game. Don't let that happen, play for fun!

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative.If you liked it and want us to add more guides such as this one, please let us know! Also,we will be happy to receive constructive criticismthat will help us improve our future workso leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Hypixel.

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