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DoHomeworkNowKid said:

The Full Talisman Guide[not effort at all]

Hey, you! No, not you, I'm talking to the juju non behind you so get the hell out from here if you are not a juju non. Welcome to my full talisman guide, where I calculate everything with math(not really) and tell you the full progress of talismans. Also, I listed this as not effort because I just wanna shame y'all who think your post is effort, this post is very effort. Anyways enjoy!

1. 10 Reasons why I made this post
There are plenty of reasons I made this post. Firstly, there is too much juju non in the Skyblock community. Secondly, you are stupid. Thirdly, I wanna remove juju non. Fourthly, you are stupid. Fifth, you are stupid. Sixth, I need more green bars. Seventh, you are stupid. Eighth, Most Talisman Guides are outdated(fr the last talisman guide I see on forums is early 2021). Ninth, don't talk about that I'm a juju non btw this isn't a reason but I think it's good to say it here. Tenth, and most important, many people have on choosing a more expensive but higher magic power talisman, or the cheaper one with lesser magic power one, and I'm here to show y'all the (not so) best sequence of getting talismans(including when to recomb).

2. The Guide on How to Read This Guide
Black: Common
Green: Uncommon
Blue: Rare
Purple: Epic
Orange: Legendary
What's this color: Bought from NPC
Brown: Quest Item
Anything listed with money/MP is in the increasing order
If you find any money/MP weird, it's because I calculate with net MP(Buying speed artifact with speed ring only gives you 3 more MP) increase with cost, not the MP the talisman gives
Also, please do note that I won't talk about the money/MP of talismans that cost under 250k since it's basically free.

3. Rule of Magic Power(MP)
Common: 3
Uncommon: 5 (Common being recombobulated, 2,750,000/MP)
Rare: 8 (Uncommon being recombobulated, 1,833,333/MP)
Epic: 12 (Rare being recombobulated, 1,375,000/MP)
Legendary: 16 (Epic being recombobulated, 1,375,000/MP)
Mythic: 22 (Legendary being recombobulated, 916,667/MP)
Special: 3
Very Special: 5 (Special being recombobulated, 2,750,000/MP)
4. The Guide of Talismans
Let's be honest, you didn't read the 10 reasons and the guide on how to read this guide, but I'm fine with it. Let's get started.
0. The talismans that you should always be doing once you feel like
Campfire badge------Do it whenever you feel like you can do it, unlock it until legendary.
Romero quest------Stop by reaching Exiquisit Ring of Love, I'll mention when to keep doing the flower minion quest below.
1. Crab hat [OUDATED L]

3 MP

2. Melody hair, Cheetah talisman, King talisman, Frozen chicken, Pig's Foot, Wolf Paw
Sorry kids, but these talismans are inevitable.

To get melody easier, you can use melody macr- uhm um um hmm hm I mean, I'll give you some tips. If there are 2+ juju nons crowding at melody, please switch server. Also, it's better to press Q(or your keybind that drops items) on the notes instead of clicking it since you have 200k ping and the block will stick on your cursor for 4 minutes.
For Cheetah talisman, here is the first video I got on youtube after searching "hypixel skyblock cheetah talisman": vid not rickroll btw

For the King talisman, visit the king(starter commission place) every time you remember until you unlock the talisman, not that hard.
For Frozen chicken, "But DoHomeworkNow, you don't have frozen chicken too!" stfu i don't care its so hard i tried 3 times
others are simple just search on Youtube, I'm kinda tired already.
48 MP, 51 MPin total

3. Farming talisman, Vaccine talisman, Talisman of coins, Magnetic talisman, Gravity talisman, Wood affinity talisman, Zombie talisman, Zombie Ring, Skeleton Talisman

All of them are under 1k, so I treat it as free, and you should too. I barely see anyone sell them on AH, so you might need someone else to craft them for you(say "can anyone please craft me bla bla bla please" in hub 1). I didn't include some upgradable talismans, because their upgraded version is also stupidly cheap and crafting the lower tier is a waste of time. Free 35 MP baby, 86 MP in total

4. Farmer orb, Night vision charm, Speed ring, Emerald Ring, Fire Talisman, Healing ring, Piggy bank, Lava Talisman, Village affinity talisman, Mine affinity talisman, Intimidation talisman, Scavenger Talisman
All under 10k or a little bit more, still dirt cheap. There are a few on AH, but if you can't find anyone selling the talisman you want, just buy the materials and ask someone to craft them for you. No one will scam you for 10k no worries. Again, I didn't include some upgradable talisman, because their upgraded version is still very cheap, and crafting lower tier is cringe. Another 48 MP, 134 MP in total.


Feather Artifact, Potion Affinity Artifact, Haste Ring, Sea Creature Artifact, Mineral Talisman, Spider Ring, Fish Affinity Talisman, New Year Cake Bag, SoulFlow Pile, Sharp Shark Tooth Necklace

All under 250k, again tell someone to craft for you if it's somehow not on the AH. Still, no one will scam you for that stupid 250k. Again, I didn't include some upgradable talisman to not waste your precious time. 78 MP, 212 MP in total.

6. Give me green bar
it makes me happie

7. Experience Artifact, Day/Night Crystal, Bat Artifact, Candy Artifact, Intimidation Artifact, Titanium Ring, Wolf Ring, Zombie Artifact, Bat Person Ring/Talisman, Pocket Espresso Machine, Devour Ring, SoulFlow Battery, Scarf's Thesis, Treasure Ring, Master Skull 3, Lucky Hoof
All under 3m. "But DoHomeworkNow, the gap between 3m and 250k is so big and which talisman should I go first!" That's why you should shut up and keep reading.
Experience Artifact: 33333/MP (400k)
Day/Night Crystal: 43750/MP (350k each)
Candy Artifact: 83333/MP (1m)
Bat Artifact: 87500/MP (1.4m)
Lucky Hoof: 100,000/MP (500k)
Pocket Espresso Machine: 100,000/MP (300k)
Bat Person Talisman: 133,333/MP (400k)
Wolf Ring: 175,000/MP (1.4m)
Intimidation Artifact: 187,500/MP (1.5m)
Scarf's Thesis: 200,000/MP (2.4m)
Devour Ring: 225,000/MP (1.8m)
SoulFlow Battery: 225,000/MP (1.8m)
Treasure Ring: 250,000/MP (3m)
Titanium Ring: 275,000/MP (2.2m)
Master Skull 3: 370,000/MP (1.85m)
Bat Person Ring: 375,000/MP (3m)
Zombie Artifact: 600,000/MP (2.4m)
I don't wanna say the things I said in sections 1-5, but section 6 is very important so give me green bar it makes me happie. 113 net MP increase, 325 MP in total

8. Personal Compactor 7000, Beastmaster Crest, Bits Talisman, Bat Person Artifact, Razor-Sharp Shark Tooth Necklace, Candy Relic, Scarf's Grimoire, Auto Recombobulator, Blue Jerry Talisman, Speed Artifact, Spider Artifact, Titanium Relic, Red Claw Artifact, Hunter talisman, Potato Talisman
All under 15m
Personal Compactor 7000: 312,500/MP (5m)
Blue Jerry Talisman: 437,500/MP (3.5m)
Red Claw Artifact: 441,667/MP (5.3m)
Beastmaster Crest: 500,000/MP (4m)
Auto Recombobulator: 600,000/MP (9.5m)
Bits Talisman: 625,000/MP (5m)
Hunter talisman: 800,000/MP (4m)
-------At this point, although it will be a little bit weird, but recombobulating legendary talisman is worth a little bit more than buying the talisman below)--------
Speed Artifact: 1,000,000/MP (3m)
Titanium Relic: 1,125,000/MP (11.2m, 9m net)
Razor-Sharp Shark Tooth Necklace: 1,175,000/MP (4.7m)
Spider Artifact: 1,250,000/MP (5m)
-------At this point, recombobulate epic/rare talisman(epic better for enrichment slots)--------
Scarf's Grimoire: 1,875,000/MP (10m, 7.5m net)
Candy Relic: 2,500,000/MP (11.5m, 10m net)
Potato Talisman: 3,166,667/MP (9.5m)
Bat Person Artifact: 3,666,667/MP (14m, 11m net)
112 net MP increase, 434 MP in total(not including recomb MP)
9. Spiked Atrocity, Bingo Talisman, Beastmaster Crest, Bat Person Artifact, Purple Jerry Talisman, Eternal Hoof, Hunter Ring, SoulFlow Supercell, Treasure Artifact, Catacombs Expert Ring, Nether Artifact, Master Skull 5, Jacobus Register
Jacobus Register
: 1,347,350/MP (21.5m)
--------At this point, recombobulate uncommon talisman---------
Spiked Atrocity: 2,125,000/MP (25.5m)
Catacombs Expert Ring: 2,375,000 (28.5m)
--------At this point, recombobulate your crab hat or common talisman---------
Beastmaster Crest: 3,000,000/MP (28m, 24m net)
Purple Jerry Talisman: 3,125,000/MP (16m, 12.5m net)
--------At this point, you can upgrade your Exiquisit Ring of Love to a Legendary Ring of Love----------
Nether Artifact: 3,583,333/MP (43m)
Eternal Hoof: 4,833,333/MP (15m, 14.5m net)
Hunter Ring: 4,833,333/MP (15m, 14.5m net)
Treasure Artifact: 6,250,000/MP (29m, 25m net)
SoulFlow Supercell: 6,750,000/MP (28.8m, 27m net)
Bingo Talisman: 10,666,667/MP (32m)
Master Skull 5: 10,666,667/Mp (34m, 32m net)
84 MP, 523 MP in total(not including recomb MP)

10. Bingo Ring/Artifact, Hemegony Artifact, Ender Relic, Wither Artifact, Golden Jerry Talisman, Burststopper Talisman/Artifact, Master Skull 6/7
Wither Artifact: 4,416,667/MP (53m)
Ender Relic: 7,187,500/MP (115m)
Burststopper Talisman: 8,250,000 (66m)
Hegemony Artifact: 10,000,000/MP (320m)
Burststopper Artifact: 12,500,000/MP (166m, 100m net)
Master Skull 6: 12,500,000/MP (150m)
Golden Jerry Talisman: 16,000,000/MP (80m, 64m net)
Bingo Ring: 40,000,000/MP (118m, 80m net)
Bingo Artifact: 86,666,667/MP (380m, 260m net)
Master Skull 7: andddddd its a solid 100,000,000/MP (550m, 400m net)
112 MP, 635 MP in total(not including recomb MP)
11. give me green bar

12. Personal Deletor 7000, Artifact of Power, Netherrack-Looking Sunshade, Survivor Cube, Odger's Tooth, Blaze Talisman, Burning/Fiery/Infernal Kuudra Core
They are all soul-bounded because **** admins
Personal Deletor 7000: From iron collection, just buy a few t11 minions and wait for a few days. 143,750/MP (2.3m)
Artifact of Power: From gemstone collection, just go and inflate the economy a bit. 3,750,000/MP (30m) and 12,500,000 to upgrade (80m, 50m net).
Netherrack-Looking Sunshade: 0.2% drop chance from Smoldering blaze, 1% from Millenia-aged blaze. Don't try to get it with your 3/4 unstable with ender cp.
Survivor Cube: Reach Spider Slayer 7 and Maddox will give you.
Odger's Tooth: Trophy fish.
Blaze Talisman: Spam kill Millenia-aged blaze. Again, don't try to get it with your 3/4 unstable with ender cp and raider's axe.
Kuudra Core: No one have it yet so don't worry.
55 MP not counting Kuudra Core, 690 in total(not including recomb MP)
5. Cautions when buying talismans
Watch out for recombobulate scams. Do not buy talismans that are recombobulated(unless its top tier already), for example, a master skull 6 is recombobulated and become legendary(150m) and the price is 500m(master skull 7 is 550m and the rarity is legendary), they just want to bait you to buy their recombobulated scam product.

Other than that, you can save up your money and buy some specific talismans when a mayor is on
Aatrox: Devour ring, SoulFlow battery/supercell
Barry: no
Cole: no
Diana: Beastmaster Crest
Diaz: no
Foxy: Bat person ring/artifact
Marina: Shark teeth necklace
daddy paul: Treasure ring/artifact, Catacombs expert ring, master skulls
Derpy: ngl you should grind during derpy stop buying talisman
Jerry: Jerry talisman
Scorpius: Hegemony artifact, and all normal dark auction items(People tend to go more dark auction when Scorpius I guess)

Remember to check the requirement before buying nerds.

6. Conclusions
Not a conclusion but firstly, DO NOTE THAT money/MP is only for reference, if you have enough money you should buy the most MP you can get from your purse.

Anyways, this is the sequence of buying talismans and evolving to be a normie juju user. The recombobulate your (rarity) line means recombobulating the rarity gives you more value than buying the talisman below the line, so recombobulate all the talisman you have(with the correct rarity) and go on. For example, you reached the recombobulate legendary line, then you recombobulate every legendary talisman on top of the line and go on. When you go on and obtain more legendary talismans, you should always recombobulate them first. One thing I forgot to mention on top but it's pretty obvious is that recombobulating higher rarity is better than lower rarity(unless you want more enrichment slots).​

You may be asking, "But DoHomeworkNow, my favrrot utub rank refruction hab 1106 magik found!" shut up he recombed and bought mostly everything and i didnt include recomb.

Last but not least, MAKE SURE TO REACT WITH USEFUL AND COMMENT BELOW DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU(the overused yt outro song i forgor the name)

/missing in a discord server with skyhelper

Guide - The Full Talisman Guide[not effort at all] (2024)


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