HGTV's 'Married to Real Estate' Is Returning for Season 3 (2024)

HGTV's 'Married to Real Estate' Is Returning for Season 3 (1)

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Married to Real Estate stars Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are back for a third season of the HGTV series. Naturally, we spoke with the husband-and-wife duo to get the scoop on the upcoming installment, which premieres on Thursday, December 28. They revealed what fans can expect—including new types of projects that have never been featured in previous seasons—along with the home trends they’re currently seeing their clients gravitate toward and the ones they think will be big in 2024.

Sherrod, a real estate broker and interior designer, and Jackson, an expert builder, promise that season three will be the best one yet. “The stakes are higher, the projects are bigger, and the funny is even funnier,” Sherrod tells House Beautiful of the fresh, 12-episode season.

“We're excited for folks to see our growth,” Jackson adds. “Because we're always evolving throughout the seasons.”

Fans will see the couple take on long-awaited and unexpected projects. Jackson explains: “You get to see our office finally come to fruition because every episode and every season, it's all about, When are we going to finally have a home base? So season three, you see that come to pass. We also take on a commercial job, and you've never seen that in any of our episodes. The commercial property is going to be Clark Atlanta University.”

When it comes to the homeowners they work with, Sherrod and Jackson have noticed their clients gravitating toward similar requests. One such common shift is in flooring. “They want lighter floors throughout, taking out the dark hardwoods,” Jackson says. “Or, funny enough, they're getting rid of the hardwoods, the real hardwoods, and putting in luxury vinyl or engineered wood just because of the variance.”

Jackson continues: “I love natural wood, but you do have these products now, these engineered products, where it's more durable, there's less maintenance, and you get more color variations. So people are opting for that as well.”

Many homeowners are also seeking minimalistic kitchens and finding separate solutions for practicality and storage. “We are seeing, and you'll see some this season, scullery kitchens, secondary kitchens, where you have the full frontal beautiful magazine-ready [kitchen], and then you have all the stuff that you really need to function in your life behind it, if you will,” Sherrod says. “That is becoming more and more common.”

Sherrod adds that one client has even requested a kitchen with only lower cabinetry. “She wanted absolutely nothing on the top but art and sconces,” the designer explains. “I said, So your house is going to look like you don't have a kitchen?

Sherrod attributes part of this to how, as the HGTV generation, we spend a lot of time online looking for home inspiration. “Today's home buyers are becoming more design savvy and just when they fall in love with one thing, they see something at their fingertips the very next day,” she says. “And it does become a challenge as a designer to just sort of meet that energy because a kitchen still needs to be a kitchen.”

But Sherrod loves the challenge. “When it comes to the minimalist idea, that's where we have to get a little bit more creative,” she says. “You take away the storage, but where are you going to put it back?”

HGTV's 'Married to Real Estate' Is Returning for Season 3 (3)

Looking toward 2024, Sherrod believes natural brick and stone exteriors will make a resurgence. “We've gone through these last few years of everyone painting their brick or bleaching their brick,” she says, noting that seemingly every house is now white or ivory with black windows. “We were literally going to limewash our house, and now we're thinking about keeping the natural stone and brick because you just don't see as much of it anymore.”

A feature that Jackson believes will make a comeback next year might make you rethink your floor plan. The builder explains: “Everyone wants an open concept. I've noticed lately some people are like, You know what? Close this back up. I want a little privacy here.

But it’s not just about privacy. “I think a lot of folks are going to start closing certain things back up, just not to compartmentalize a space, but to actually make it so that a room feels like a room and everything doesn't have to be one big open basketball court of the house,” he says.

If you're eager to indulge in more of the couple's design expertise, new episodes of Married to Real Estate air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. They're also available to watch the same day and time on Max, where you can stream all previous seasons of the show as well.

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HGTV's 'Married to Real Estate' Is Returning for Season 3 (2024)


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