Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (2024)


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Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (1)

The fastest character setup in Hypixel Skyblock with detailed calculations on how to achieve it


Ever since that one youtube video has gone viral, many Hypixel SkyBlock Players were determined to replicate it and reach the game's Speed Cap. With each subsequent update, doing it became easier and easier, but the existence of items such as Young Dragon Armor and the Legendary Black Cat Pat meant that the real Speed Cap was not 400, it was 600.

While the first number is very easy to achieve (we'll show you just how easy in this Guide), the second one is out of reach of most Players for a simple reason - it requires a ton of money that has to be spent in a very sub-optimal way. To show you how to do it, we have decided to pick up the gauntlet, reach very deep into our pockets and make our character achieve the hard Speed Cap. Not only that, but we have also tried to exceed it... did we succeed? Well, you will find out from this article.

Reaching 400 Speed

Reaching the soft speed cap of 400 is very easy nowadays and there are hundreds of item and potion combinations that allow you to do it. This means that there is not much point in listing every piece of gear and every consumable that will allow you to reach it. With this in mind, we have decided to give ourselves a bit of a challenge:

  • Reach the 400 additional* Speedwith the leastItems possible and as few Coins as possible. The Speed Increase must be permanent, so no Potions allowed!

*Every Character already has 100% base Speed, so we basically have to reach 500 in total, so 100 over the Cap. It's redundant, but we want to prove a point here.

After a bit of research and some testing, we came up with a Hypixel SkyBlock Speed Build that consists of just three Items, costs less than 350k Coins, and reaches 400 additional Speed with some reserve, however, it also requires quite a lot of grinding to unlock conditional speed boosts of the used items (unless you already happen to have them unlocked, of course).

Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (2)
Obsidian Chestplate

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense - 250
  • Health -none
  • Speed - 0 Base / 112 Max
  • Additional Effect -It has two:
    • Grants Immunity to the Wither Effect While Worn.
    • Wearing This Chestplate makes you gain +1 Speed for every 20 pieces of Obsidian in your Inventory*.

*This effect does not apply to Obsidian held in Mining Sacks, Enderchests, or Backpacks.

This is the cheapest piece of equipment we're using and it also happens to have one of the best speed/price ratios in the entire game, if the conditions are met.

With this Chestplate, we are able to increase our Speed by 112, by clogging up our Inventory with Obsidian blocks - every 20 Blocks we carry increases our Speed by 1 and we can hold a total of 2240 of them (2240/20 = 112).

Out of the box, Obsidian Chestplate costs less than 10k Coins, and the cheapest we've seen had a Buy it Now price of just 6k Coins. 2240 Obsidian Blocks cost around 30k on the Bazaar which gives us less than 40k Coins in total for 112 extra Speed. We're up to a good start, aren't we?

Tip: If you are a new player, here is a little suggestion: Obsidian Chestplate is actually an amazing early-game armor as it has 250 Defense on its own (more than a lot of full early-game armor sets). If you manage to buy it for ~8k (and you might find one for as low as 5k) and invest another 8k in Obsidian Blocks, you will gain 250 Def and 32 Speed (10 Stacks of Obsidian) for just 16k Coins! By comparison, a Speedster Chestplate which provides 120 Defense and 15 Speed costs 400k Coins on the AH.

Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (3)
Yeti Rod

Stats and Special Effects

  • Damage -150
  • Strength -130
  • Fishing Speed -+50%
  • Additional Effect -It has two:
    • Doubles the chance of Sea Creatures that you spawn being of the Winter Sea Creature variant.
    • Holding this Rod Increases your Walk Speed by 1% for every 10 Fish you caught with it. This effect is capped at 100%/ 1000 Fish Caught.

This is where things get a bit more grindy and a bit more expensive (relatively speaking, of course). Yeti Rod is a Monster drop and it can be purchased from the AH for under 200k Coins. Finding one for 150k or less is quite common and we've managed to do just that.

We have opted for the Yeti Rod instead of the Hunter Knife because it gives up to 60 more Speed if the requirements are met*. We realize that it will take some time to grind all 1000 Fish required to reach the maximum Speed Boost of the Yeti Rod but we're after minimizing the costs, not the time needed (and we happen to like fishing).

*Hunter Knife, however, is free which would make the whole build cost 150k less, but... we would have fallenshort of 400 additional Speed from items then and would have been forced to add more items to the build which would have risen costs (and the item count) again.

Tip:You can hit two birds with one stone if you farm for Fishing-only Fairy Souls with this Fishing Rod.

With the Yeti Rod and the Obsidian Chestplate with 35 stacks of Obsidian, we are up to 212 additional Speed and 190k Coins spentand we're still 188 Speed short of our goal. This means that there is only one item we canuse if we are to keep the costs down to the minimum:

Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (4)
Farmer Boots

Stats and Special Effects

  • Defense -20 +2/Farming Level(120 Max at Farming 50/ 140 Max at Farming 60)
  • Health -40
  • Speed -10 +4/Farming Level (210 Max at Farming 50/ 230 Max at Farming 60)
  • Special Effect - none
    • N/A

We realize that this is a bit of a stretch as Farmer Boots will be enough only if our Farming Skill is high enough. On the other hand, there is no better option - with these boots, we can gain up to 210Speed (or 230 with the help of Jacob's Farming Contests) for just over 140k Coins!

Farmer Boots are unlocked by reaching the Pumpkin Collection IX (50k Pumpkins Collected) and require 40960 Pumpkins to craft. With the current price of Pumpkins on the Bazaar, the cost of a pairis ~150k Coins which makes them an even better value than the Yeti Rod (but the requirements of the Speed buff are much harder - or rathermuch more time-consuming - to meet.

Luckily, we don't need to go above Farming Level 50 to reach our goal. Otherwise, the costs would have sky-rocketed as Jakob's Farming Contests are a rather expensive sport. In fact, we have exceeded our Speed goal by a bit, so we can fine-tune the build a little.

Now, let us calculate how much additional Speed we've gotten from our three chosen Items:

  • 112 (Obsidian Chestplate) + 100 (Yeti Rod) + 210 (Farmer Boots) = additional422 Speed.

This means that we can drop some Obsidian or grind fewer Farming Levels:

  • With the Obsidian Chestplate, we've gained 1 Speed per 20 Obsidian Blocks, which means that we can drop 6 Full Stacks and leave 8 in the 7th one to lower our Speed to 400. Doing this would open up a few valuable inventory spaces, making the build at least somewhat practical.
  • Alternatively, we can lower the required Farming Level to 45. This means that we would need 17.1kk less Experience, which is almost 1/3 of all Farming Experience required to reach level 50 and thus ~` 1/3 of time needed to grind it.
  • We can also do the best of both worlds: drop 1 stack of Obsidian, replace it with a Backpack so we can actually carry something other than just Obsidian, and lower the required Farming Level to 46 (14.2kk less Experience required). This would give us 403 Speed and some inventory spaces. Other combinations are also possible, of course.

There you have it, 400 additional Speed achieved with just 3 easy-to-get items and for less than 350k Coins to boot. We admit that this is not an early-game setup as meeting all the item requirements will take quite a lot of grinding. If you already have an experienced character, however, you can use this build to move around with 400 Speed even if you don't have a high Farming Level and/or don't want to carry dozens of stacks of Obsidian in your inventory - because you have 100 Speed to shed still and you can shed it by dropping Obsidian or not grinding Farming Levels.

    Reaching 600 Speed

    600 Speed is where things get a bit more tricky and much, much more pricy - reaching the true Speed Cap on a budget is just not possible because we are flat-out required to equip ourselves with some specific (and extremely expensive in some cases) items. This requirementcomes from the fact that we need to increase our maximum speed limit by 200. We can do that by simply equipping:

    • Young Dragon Armor - This set gives us a +100 to our Walk Speed Cap if we wear all four pieces of it... This also means that our budget Speed Items - Farmer Boots and Obsidian Chestplate, go out of the window right away. We lose quite a lot of speed in the process, but we need the mandatory Speed Cap increase.
    • Black Cat Pet - This is the expensive part. A level 1 Black Cat costs around 13-14kk which is not that bad, but we need a level 100 one which will set us back anywhere between 55kk and 60kk Coins.

    To make things just a little bit more tricky, we have decided to drop the Yeti Rod as well and replace it with the classic choice - a Hunter Knife. Here is the list of our core items and a little bit more information about them:

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (5)
    Young Dragon Armor

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Defense -500 (C - 160, L - 140, H - 110, B - 90)
    • Health -350 (C - 120, L - 100, H - 70, B - 60)
    • Strength -none
    • Speed -80 (C - 20, L - 20, H - 20, B - 20)
    • Wearing a full Set grants: the Young Blood buff:
      • When Above 50% Health, you gain +70 Walk Speed.
      • Your Walk Speed Cap is Increased by +100.

    This Legendary quality armor set is all about Speed. Each piece provides +20 of it and the whole set grants a Young Blood buff that increases our Speed by further +70 if we are above 50% Health remaining and boosts our Speed Cap by +100.

    The full set costs around ~1kk Coins to make, which is just a fraction of the money we had to spend to achieve our 600 Speed goal. It can be crafted out of 240 Young Dragon Fragments or simply purchased from the Auction House; the second option is a bit more costly.

    To get a bit more Speed out of the set, we are using the Light Reforge which gives +5 Speed per item, so a total of +20. Moreover, we have enchanted the Boots with Sugar Rush III (unlocked with the Spooky Festival Collection I)for a further +6 Speed. After adding all of these up, we get +176 Speed and +100 Speed Cap from the Set.

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (6)
    Black Cat Pet

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Intelligence -0/100 (at level 1/100)
    • Speed -0/25 (at level 1/100)
    • Pet Abilities -It has Three:
      • Hunter:Increases your Speed and Speed Cap by +1 per Pet's Level.This effect reaches +100 Speed and +100 Speed Capat Pet Level 100.
      • Omen:Grants +0.15% Pet Luck per Pet's Level.This effect reaches +15% at Pet Level 100.
      • Supernatural:Grants +0.15% Magic Find per Pet's Level.This effect reaches +15% at Pet Level 100.

    This is the biggest speed bump we ran into on our way to 600 Speed and we knew that there was no way of avoiding it because we simply needed the effects it provides.

    Level 1 Black Cat Pet is sold by the Fear Mongerer for 2000 Purple Candies during the Spooky Festival - The Candies cost ~10kk on the Bazaar. However, if you want to become a speed demon, a level 1 Cat is not enough, you need it at level 100 - this leaves two options; level it up yourself or purchase a ready one from the AH... we've gone with the second option which has cost us 54kk.

    A Level 100 Legendary Black Cat Pet increases our Speed Cap by 100 and gives us +125 Speed on top of that. These are the most expensive points of Speed in the game, but there was no other way.

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (7)
    Hunter Knife

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Damage -50
    • Strength -none
    • Speed -40
    • Additional Effect -none
    • Special Ability -none

    Unlike most other Weapons, Hunter Knife is not craftable or purchasable. Instead, it is awarded to players for finishing the Woods Race* in less than 1 minute. For someone interested in reaching Speed Cap, beating the race in the required should be a trivial task.

    *Woods Race takes place in the Spruce Woods, inside of the Park Island. To take part in the race, you must talk to the NPC Gustave (coordinates -385, 89, 55) who will give you the corresponding Quest.

    +40 Speed we've gotten from this weapon has put us one step closer to our goal of reaching 600 Speed in Hypixel SkyBlock.

    It is time to calculate how much Speed we've got so far and how much we still lack:

    Young Dragon Set has given us +176 Speed,Level Legendary Black Cat Pet has given us +125, the trusty Hunter Knife has added another +40, and we have a 100% Speed base, so we have 441 Speed in total, 159 below our ultimate goal.

    At this point, we could just use some Potions and add a few accessories, but we want our Speed to be permanent, which means that there is one true option:

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (8)
    Vivid Accessory Reforge

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Common -+1 Health and +1 Speed
    • Uncommon - +2 Health and +2 Speed
    • Rare -+3 Health and +3 Speed
    • Epic -+4 Health and +4 Speed
    • Legendary -+5 Health and +5 Speed
    • Mythic -+6 Health and +6 Speed

    With this Reforge, we were able to add a lot of Speed to our character, however, there were some problems with it;

    • Every Accessory had to be Reforged and we had to get as many of them as we could (and there are some expensive Accessories out there*).
    • We had to stack multiple Accessories of the same type but different Tiers just to get that Speed bonus.

    *Accessories like Treasure Artifact, Seal of the Family, and the Hegemony Artifact would quickly quadruple our total costs.

    Luckily, some Accessories provide bonuses to Speed without the Reforge, these include Speed Artifact (5 Speed), Affinity Talismans (10 Speed, conditional), Bat Artifact (5 Speed), Cat Talisman (1 Speed), Cheetah Talisman (3 Speed), Pig's Foot (1 Speed), Wolf Paw (1 Speed), and Frozen Chicken (1 Speed).

    Stacking Accessories and adding the Vivid reforge to all of them has given us a total of ~150 Speed which means that we are still 9 Speed below 600.

    To gain the last 9 points of Speed, we have decided to do what always works - we have spent even more money! This time in the following way:

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (9)
    Recombobulator 3000

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Special Effect -Can be used in a Reforge Anvil or at the Dungeon Blacksmith to permanently increase the Rarity of an item*.

    *An Item's rarity can be upgraded just once.

    Tidbit: You can Recombobulate the Recombobulator 3000... it does not do anything, except vanishing 5kk Coins, however.

    With this Legendary Dungeon Item, we were able to increase the Rarity of some of our Accessories, effectively increasing their Speed Bonus, from Vivid Reforge, by 1.

    We were 9 Speed short, so we had to purchase 9 Recombobulators which has cost us ~45kk Coins on the Bazaar. They can be applied only once per item, so we have chosen nine accessories that would benefit the most from the Recombobulation.

    After Recombobulating some of our Accessories, we have finally reached 600 Speed and obtained the title of the Fastest Man in Skyblock. It was a very time-consuming and ludicrously expensive venture, though*.

    *Still, 100% worth it!

    With the hard Speed Cap achieved, there is only one thing left - trying to beat it. Can we actually go over the Cap and achieve Speeds higher than 600? - Let's find out...

    Is Exceeding 600 Speed Possible?

    The answer is: Well, it depends. You can't really do that on foot, but you can do it while mounted*! Here is how:

    *Which may or may not be cheating, depending on what rules you decide to follow on this one. If you want to become The Fastest Man in Minecraft and beat the unbeatable 600 Speed Cap, however, this is the only choice that does not involve cheesing and/or glitches, as far as we know.

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (10)
    Skeleton Horse Pet

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Intelligence -0/100 (at level 1/100)
    • Speed -0/50 (at level 1/100)
    • Pet Abilities -It has Three:
      • Rideable: You can right-click your summoned Skeleton Horse Pet to mount it and Ride it.
      • Run:Increases the speed of Skeletal Horse Pet mount by 1.5% per Pet's level. This effect reaches +150% at Pet Level 100.
      • Ride Into Battle: While Mounted, your Bow Damage is increased by +0.4% per Pet's level. This effect reaches +40% at Pet Level 100.

    This rather rare Pet can be obtained by collecting at least 240 points during the Spooky Festival. If you were to buy a level 100 one from the Auction House, it would've cost you 50 to 60kk Coins on average - and you will need a level 100 one to exceed the speed cap. Lower-level ones are quite a lot cheaper, however, so there is an alternative if you'd want to invest time into leveling it instead.

    Skeleton Horse Pet is one of just two Rideable pets* which allow you to greatly increase your speed by mounting them:

    • Riding on a level 1Skeleton Horse Pet is equivalent to walking with 200% Speed.
    • Thanks to its Runability, Riding on a level 100Skeleton Horse Petis equivalent to walking with 500% Speed, so 100% higher than the soft speed Cap!

    *The other one being the regular Horse Pet.

    500% Speed is a lot, but it is still much less than the Speed Cap... If only there were something that would increase our Mounted Speed even further...

    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build - Odealo (11)

    Stats and Special Effects

    • Special Effect -It has two:
      • Increases the Speed of Horse Pet and Skeleton Horse Pet by 50%.
      • Increases the Jump Boost of Horse Pet and Skeleton Horse Pet by 100%.

    This pet Item is the answer to our Speed problem as it increases the speed of our Mount by 50%. And with the level 100 Skeleton Horse Pet alone, we already travel at 500% Speed...

    The Saddle is unlocked at the Leather Collection VII and requires 8 Enchanted Leather to craft so it costs just below 60k Coins to make if you were to buy the Leather on the Bazaar.

    Note: Crafting the Saddle for the first time will earn you the "Saddle Up" Achievement.

    With some simple calculations, we can determine that a level 100 Skeleton Horse Pet with a saddle should be able to ride at 750% Speed, which is 150 above the Speed Cap!

    It is up to you to decide if this counts as being The Fastest Man in Minecraft or not as technically it's not you who has reached this speed but your Mount.


    If you are dreaming of becoming the Fastest Man in Skyblock, this guide has hopefully shown you how to do it. Just remember that everything over 300 Speed is already extremely fast and you will not need more, most likely. Also, you don't really need a permanent Speed boost - potions will do just fine, trust us.

    We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative.If you liked it and want us to add more guides such as this one, please let us know! Also,we will be happy to receive constructive criticismthat will help us improve our future workso leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

    Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Hypixel.

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    Hypixel SkyBlock Max Speed/Fastest Build  - Odealo (2024)


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